How to make Jukeboxes in Minecraft

In Minecraft game, Jukeboxes are one of the greatest sources of music and sounds. You can use them to hear music or use them to create fun sounds for your doorbell. Creating your own controlled and composed song in the Minecraft realm is one of the greatest things to mark your presence and enjoy while playing the game. Here, we give you step-by-step directions to make a jukebox in Minecraft. Follow all the steps carefully and implement them to be successful.

To make jukeboxes in Minecraft, you must need some raw materials first. Make sure you have these, I not, then get some.

Required raw materials to create a jukebox in Minecraft

1. One piece of Diamond

2. 8 pieces of Wooden plank

1. Finding Diamond – You can find diamonds by digging deep into the ground. It would help if you had an iron pickaxe to break them and harvest. You can also look into end world, Nether fortress, Shipwreck, or sometimes buried treasures.

2. Wooden Plank – Chop off some tree and you’ll get wooden logs. Collect them and convert them into wooden planks. To convert logs into planks, place three logs into the right bottom corner cell of the survival inventory crafting table. Here you’ll get 4 wooden planks. Repeat the process again to get 4 wooden planks.

Now follow all the processes mentioned below to make your own Jukebox in Minecraft. Make sure you are following all steps correctly.

In a Glance

Steps to make jukebox in Minecraft:

  1. Open Minecraft on your desired device.
  2. Open the crafting table and place eight pieces of wooden planks in all cells except the center cell.
  3. In the empty center cell, place a piece of diamond and wait for the crafting process to complete.

After completion, drag jukebox to inventory below.

Here is step by step guide to make jukebox in Minecraft for your ease. Please follow and implement to get your hand on the jukebox and enjoy music.

Step 1. Open the Minecraft game app on your desired device.

Step 2. Now open your chosen world and then open crafting table. Crafting table is made up of 3×3 grid cell.

Step 3. Now place six pieces of wooden plank, one in each cell except the center cell.

Step 4. After placing a wooden plank, Place a piece of diamond in the empty center cell.

Step 5. Wait for the process to complete, and you’ll have a jukebox in the right side of the crafting table.

Step 6. Now drag that jukebox into inventory and use it right away.

Uses of Jukeboxes in Minecraft

Jukeboxes were added to Minecraft in July 2010 update alongside eggs and chicken. In Minecraft, jukeboxes do not do much in Minecraft, but they do very great when they. You can play music with it or place in a doorbell to have great sound. There are 16 discs available in Minecraft, and you can play any of them. Music can be heard from 70 blocks away. That pretty good for your enjoyment. Jukebox blocks have the same texture as a notebook.

People Also Ask

Q1. Can I make the jukebox sound louder in the Minecraft game?

Ans: Yes, you can make the jukebox sound louder for your enjoyment in Minecraft game. You just need to go to the setting and change sound level.

Q2. Can you make your own music disc in the Minecraft game?

Ans: Yes, you can make your own music disc in Minecraft game. You just need to change the notepad file in Minecraft in the configuration file.


Many blocks in Minecraft are amazing, but the music stands out of it for its great performance. Creating a jukebox in Minecraft is pretty easy and you don’t need many raw materials. Music and sounds can be played from the jukebox and can be heard from 70 blocks away and you can also increase sound level by changing the setting. You can also use it for doorbell. In case if you want to change music, you can also customize sound based on interest by changing the notebook file in the Minecraft game configuration file. There are 16 music discs available in Minecraft premade.

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