How to get apples in minecraft

How to get apples in minecraft.

Can you get apples with shears?

When cutting of leaves with shears, they drop saplings and apples.

What is the chance to get apples in Minecraft?

Apples in Minecraft can be found in chests when players are scavenging for goods. In Minecraft (both Bedrock and Java), players have a 74.2 percent chance of finding up to 5 apples in a house chest from a village in the plains, and 59.8 percent chance at a weaponsmith’s chest.

Can you get an apple from a tree in Minecraft?

Finding apples

Apples are fairly easy to find in Minecraft, as long as players have an oak tree near them. When all of the logs are broken from a tree, the leaves will begin to disappear. All trees will drop saplings when the leaves are disintegrating, but for oak trees, apples will occasionally fall as well.

Do villagers sell apples?

Farmer villagers now sell 4 apples as part of their second tier trades. Added apples.

How do you get apples faster in Minecraft?

Hoes are the best tool to farm for apples with as they don’t drop leaves exclusively (like shears). A fortune enchanted hoe is even better since it will increase the chance of an apple dropping. While the odds are still relatively low, the player should amass an extensive collection of apples over time.

Can you shear for apples in Minecraft?

Apples cannot be obtained by Shearing leaves. Apples can be considered one of the more rare Food drops, depending on what world the Player is in.

Where can you find God apples?

Instead, Enchanted Golden Apples can only be found in chests. Players looking for Enchanted Golden Apples can check any chests found in Dungeons, Mineshafts, Desert Temples, Ruined Portals, and Woodland Mansions (they can also be found in Bastion Remnants in the Java edition of the game).

How do you craft apples?

This amounts to approximately a 25% chance to get an apple from an oak tree and a 60% chance from a dark oak tree breaking Leafs with a tool enchanted with a fortune enchantment.

Do birch trees drop apples?

They do not drop Apples, unlike Oak Trees.

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