Minecraft how to get silk touch

Minecraft how to get silk touch.

How do you make silk touch Minecraft?

Getting Silk Touch in your Minecraft requires you to do these things:
  1. Place a pickaxe on the enchanting table.
  2. Check the level 30 enchantments. If it is Silk Touch, then go ahead. …
  3. Check Silk Touch on pick again.
  4. Repeat the process till the time you get your desired enchantment.

What level enchantment is silk touch?

According to the table for Silk Touch, you want to be at level 30 to get the best chance per single enchantment, you should still expect to enchant an average of 6 tools before getting Silk Touch rather than another enchantment.

How many bookshelves do you need for silk touch?

Looking at the first table, it can be seen that at least 9 bookshelves are required to get Silk Touch in at least the third slot (the number of bookshelves where all the possible levels will be greater than or equal to 17).

Can you get silk touch from a librarian in Minecraft?

To get Silk Touch in Minecraft, you will need to perform the Silk Touch enchantment on your desired tools or get a Silk Touch enchanting book from any village librarian.

What is silk touch?

Silk Touch is a tool enchantment that causes certain blocks to drop themselves instead of their usual items when mined.

Can you fish a silk touch book?

The only other option to get a silk touch would be to find a silk touch book found inside chests. You can also try trading with a librarian, or fishing. None of them will grant you a silk touch instantly, but you will definitely find one.

Can you have bane of arthropods and smite?

Incompatible Enchantments

In Minecraft, the Bane of Arthropods enchantment can not be combined with the following enchantments: Sharpness. Smite.

What is the best enchantment layout?

In order to obtain the highest level of enchantment, you need a total of 15 bookshelves. The bookshelves must be arranged one block away from the enchanting table in a 1 high, 5 by 5 square, with an opening for a door.

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